Aleli Alcala

Aleli AlcalaAs a principal member of the Kaywood design team, Aleli Alcala brings with her over twenty years of experience in business development, sales, and marketing. She has worked in both the for profit as well as the nonprofit arena.

Aleli has done business development work for several start up companies helping them to secure funding and develop critical partnerships. She also has a strong background in sales and marketing, and has helped well-established institutions successfully increase their revenues and develop new markets.

I think it takes courage to step away from the norm, and look at new ways of doing things. At Kaywood, we continually incorporate the spirit of intention in our work. This means thoughtful consideration of limitless possibilities. When we succeed, the world looks just a little bit different and hopefully is the better from our efforts.

—Aleli Alcala

Aleli brings an entrepreneurial flair to Kaywood. As our principal business development and marketing officer, she ensures that we look at innovative and thoughtful ways to help our clients meet their desired outcomes.